It's started

I collect Christmas CD's. Martina McBride's "White Christmas" is the best. Give her a listen ~ she's wonderful. I'll wait here while she puts you in the Christmas mood. This year she's released a "Blue Christmas" with Elvis Presley. Get a load of her hair! It really looks like they're singing live together even though Martina was only 2 years old when this footage was actually recorded by Elvis.

It's started. Decorating for the holidays in earnest. I switched out the swag my grandmother bought us as a house warming gift 14 years ago for a big wreath that I'll add live evergreen sprigs to. The garland lights give the room a lovely glow. I've collected ornaments for about 35 years and buy them for the kids to start their own unique collection.
In the evening when the stove is on with the garland and Christmas tree lit and candles are flickering it's the coziest place in the house. There's a glass sliding door on the wall opposite the quilt. We turn on the outdoor deck lights while it's snowing and the room turns into a winter hideway.

We're hosting our first Christmas party here on Sunday so this week we'll be decorating more inside and out. It's stayed cold so it's still white outside with more snow in the forecast. Looks like it will be a wonderful White Christmas this year.


At Home Mommy Knits said...

So beautiful! I love seeing all the decorations and prep for Xmas. We have a live tree and also a fake one. One upstairs and one down....so festive and fun!

amanda said...

Bring it on! I really need it to be December!

t does wool said...

oh a party...your decorating is lovely...today I will start that process!

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

Thanks for the music recommendation! I'm always searching for a good Christmas music CD. Growing up my Mom used to listen to Sandi Patti quite a bit but it's hard to find a collection of all your favorite songs together. Your home looks beautiful and welcoming ~ enjoy your party :)

Teresa C said...

I collect Christmas cds as well! My kids complain that I only listen to the same ones over and over, but I make it a point to listen to all of them. This year I got two new (to me) Jim Brickmans and the Liz Story (for relaxation holiday music) and am going to get the new Tony Bennett, Harry Connick, Jr. and....there is another but it is escaping me right now.

I have one Martina McBride, I saw her when she sang with the Boston Pops at Christmas a few years back. That was a fun night and she was wonderful.

woolywumpus said...

I defy anyone to not get in the holiday spirit after reading your post! I need to add the Martina McBride CD to my festive collection - thanks for the recommendation!

Treasures By Brenda said...

I am enjoying all of the Elvis Presley Christmas Duets album and the video of Martina singing with Elvis. You are right her hair is great as is the peek into a bit of music history!


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