11 Random Things about me

1. I hate to be late. I try to keep an organized schedule and always wear a watch. I'm also a list maker which helps prevent me from being late.

2. My family had German Shepherds while I was younger and Rottweilers when I was a teenager. I always wanted standard poodles but it wasn't until I was married that that finally happened. It's been 20 years with poodles now.

3. When I started knitting my dad offered to pay me to quit. He thought knitting was for old ladies with nothing better to do. I counter offered to use the money for wool to knit him a hat.

4. I'm influenced by colour. I'm especially fond of watery blues, grays, whites & creams, and shades of green. Colour affects my mood, my energy level and it inspires me to create, knit and sew. The older I get the clearer and lighter the colours I surround myself with are becoming. In the autumn I'm drawn to reds.

5. I have trouble maintaining my body temperature and dress in more layers than most people would ever consider putting on at the same time. Wool is a major part of my wardrobe along with jeans and boots. I rarely wear shorts, even when it's scorching hot outside. Mom says I've been chilled since I was a preemie.

6. I knit every day unless I'm sick and always have multiple projects on the needles.

7. I'm married to the love of my life and consider myself extremely fortune to be with such a wonderful man with 2 great kids.

8. I hate it if there's a mess or clutter on the kitchen counter or dirty dishes in the sink. I will stay up late to tidy that up or it bugs me so much I can't sleep thinking about it.

9. I used to be a runner. With a compromised right foot that's become long walks, hiking and yoga. I just ordered some Yoga DVDs for a new workout and am looking forward to them arriving in my mailbox. I'm working on being a runner again. I miss running on my treadmill ~ it's where I do my best problem solving and brain storming.

10. I suffer from SABLE. Stash Amassed Beyond Life Expectancy. I love fibre. There's a yarn stash as well as a fabric stash. I suspect my SABLE tendencies are a direct result of enjoying Ravelry and reading other people's blogs so much. I'm constantly tempted by people's amazing FO's and adding to my queue.

11. I love to see inside other people's homes. I'm intrigued by how they decorate, how they live and what things appeal to them. I especially enjoy seeing what they collect and getting copies of thier favourite recipes.

I'd love to learn something random about you!


At Home Mommy Knits said...

I love reading random things about people, it is so much fun. I totally agree with you about the treadmill. I love running on mine and sorting things out or just day dreaming :).

*emilie* said...

heheh SABLE !!!
i am right there with you on the kitchen mess disorder, and as for seeing inside people's house, i always feel like you actually get to discover the person once you see their interior !
nice blog !

jillian said...

No. 3!?! Has he seen the light?

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

Renee, you are very good at expressing yourself as much of this comes through in your blogging.

Your Dad must have been tickled pink with his hat!

Plus, I'm like you in that no matter what the hour I have to clean the kitchen before I go to bed.

Sheila said...

I love post like this. It's fun to learn more about your blogging friends. I suffer from SABLE, too. But then I love S.E.X. (stash enhancement eXperiences). :)

Philigry said...

i love this post.
we sounds a lot alike.
Messy kitchen-won't tolerate it.
I am always chilly.
I knit everyday.
Love to see other people's homes.
I do love color, I am drawn to whites, greens and yellowes for decorating mine.

t does wool said...

Oh I do so love learning more about you!!wonderful!

Bonne Marie said...

Your colors are my colors! I've started keeping a color journal of Lake Michigan pictures to record the changes over the seasons in the many colors of its water.

Love it!

pedalpower said...

Isn't that funny about your dad? I've noticed that some people would rather see me sit in front of a TV doing nothing rather than see me knitting. Wonder why? Knitting and drawing are the only things that makes me able to sit through anything on TV...got to have my hands busy.

raining sheep said...

I love that! SABLE! I am on this austerity(sp?) kick right now. I am "not shopping for a year" and I need to de-clutter my already lack of clutter even more. Don't know why I feel like this - the older I get the less stuff I want in my vicinity.

Hopefully you can run again. I am training for my race, have really bad shin splints right now, but I just go and get needles put in my leg (acupuncture :)) and pretend everything is good.

Anonymous said...

I used to wear a watch and check it constantly. Towards the end of college I took it off and never looked back. I'm pretty much never late and I learned to enjoy where I'm at instead of constantly thinking of where I need to be next.

Anonymous said...

Umm... I can get both big toes in my mouth at the same time...

emma said...

It makes my skin crawl. It is almost a phobia. I have to force myself to be on time places.

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