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I love reading about everyone in the comments for the Giveaway, thanks so much for commenting. The Giveaway is open until Sunday, September 20th. Here's the Q and A:

~Sue asked how many socks I knit in a year? About a pair per season. Here's where I'll let you all in on a secret: a good portion of the knitting/sewing I do is for gifts ~ because of that most of my FO's don't make their presence known on the blog or Rav, unless the giftee is willing to be mentioned on the blog. I like to knit socks in stocking stitch with about 3"of 2 x 2 ribbing at the cuff. They stay up and are comfy.

~RenataS asked where I got the Socken Wolle? I bought it last year at the Knitters Fair here in Kitchener. I don't remember who the vendor was, sorry.

~ Amanda would really like to see my stash. I've thought about cataloguing my stash on Raverly. I'm in stash denial. If I can't see it all at once it can't really be that big, right? I have a list to inventory all the un-knit yarn I have right now. While searching stash busting groups online I realized my stash isn't that out of hand, but I also sew, quilt, spin and um, have stashes for those too.

~Kristin asked when I knit my first pair of sock? I was 18. I really didn't enjoy knitting socks then. I suspect that was because I had awful plastic DPN's. Now I have nice wooden ones , metal ones and addi turbos for Magic Loop.

~Selkie -- I'm going on the yarn diet with you. That means some planned projects like the Wrapigan won't happen this year. I'll buy the right yarn for it after I defeat my stash. I'm in Stash Busting mode!

If anyone has other questions or interesting things to share about yourselves I'd love to hear from you. Not many sleeps until the Giveaway - sharpen your needles and hunt down some patterns, that yarn is going to a new home soon!


The Litter Box House said...

I'm happy to hear that you're joining me. I too tried to deny the size of my stash, but it's time for me to wake up.

Have you seen the thread I started in the Ravelry Stash n' Burn group regarding my year long yarn diet? A bunch of us are coming together to support one another. You should post your numbers there with us!


Thea said...

No sock yarn for me, but I had to write and say how funny I think it is that you took all those pics of your husband - and what a good sport he was! I think my DH would have taken the drill to my camera....

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