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Suddenly deciding this morning to add a lace scarf project to my Christmas knitting queue for my mom is likely not my best plan, but I can't help myself. Nicole was my swift as I wound the skein into a ball. Chase decided to run a little interference and just wanted to get himself into a photo op.

It's going to be the Knotted Openwork Scarf.

The house feels and smells festive. There's been more baking going on and yesterday I had my dog show friends over for the lasagne dinner Christmas party. The last time we tried to get together we were hit by a blizzard and had to rescheule. Tonight I'm off to another Christmas party and am wondering just when I think I might have time to actually get this new lace scarf knit on top of all my other projects??

I can't believe how quickly all the baking disappears. Quick Drop cookies, gingerbread and a lemon pudding cake are on this weekend's To Do list.

Hope all your holiday projects and festivities are going along smoothly and everyone is enjoying themselves. Be well and happy knitting.


Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

A hot lasagne dinner sounds wonderful just about now - LOL

The scarf will be appreciated by your Mum and if it's not done by Christmas maybe it can be an Easter present!

Have fun with your baking and Christmas festivities ~

t does wool said...

a lace scarf,Renee? Now? You are amazing...I am only thinking of wrapping and baking lol!
How was the party?

amanda said...

I too am wondering when you'll find time to knit a lace scarf!

Renee, you are crazy lady!! :D

Philigry said...

lemon pudding cake sounds so yummy! will you share the recipe? please do! yummy!

At Home Mommy Knits said...

All your baking sounds delicious!

I love your ...enthusiasm at starting a lace scarf :) Good luck, maybe if you queue up some movies and hunker down with all that yummy baking you'll finish it quickly!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha! Chase looks incredibly helpful!

Sheila said...

I like the scarf pattern. And your helper is great! MMMMM...gingerbread.

raining sheep said...

I can't believe you have time to knit so close to Christmas! Wow. I can't seem to get anything organized. Today is my last day of work for two weeks. Yeah.

Nicole said...

Funny, we have the same swift, mine might be a bit younger, though! Don't they move so well with the yarn, she actually has her brother and father quite upset they cannot flow like she does!

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