What I got for me for Christmas

Two of my favourite hobbies are knitting and poodles so it was pretty much inevitable that something like this would happen. This is my boy Chase as a sock blocker. I can't begin to describe how much these hunks of oak wood art delight me! Knitting socks is something I really enjoy but I've never had blockers. Seeing so many lovely socks on Ravelry on unique blockers sent me on a mission to find myself some with poodle cut outs. I couldn't find any. What I did find was Chappy of Chappy's Fiber Arts & Crafts and her wood working husband John. They make and sell gorgeous sock blockers in most any motif you could desire and now also with a poodle. After emailing Chappy about using one of my dogs as a model we were off and running.

They put a smile on my face every time I look at them. I'm on a sock knitting bender and have to begrudgingly admit that I am smitten with knitting on circs. I didn't think I could be lured away from my dpn's. I'll keep using them but I doubt very often because the knitting is so smooth and fun with the Magic Loop Method and there's virtually no laddering to worry about.

Is it possible to be infatuated with an inanimate piece or 2 of wood? Um, yeah it is. What would you have cut out as the decorative part on a sock blocker if you could choose anything your heart desired? I ordered 2 pairs because one is a Christmas gift for my dear poodle owning/sock knitting friend Dawn. I'm not letting the cat [poodle] out of the bag here since I couldn't keep the surprise and already told her about them. I think I might need a horse pair in the future. Thanks Chappy, they're wonderful!

I just love what I got for me for Christmas. Did you buy yourself anything just for you this year?


woolywumpus said...

These are the most beautiful sock blockers! Chappy's website doesn't do justice to her - and her husband's - beautiful work. I can hardly wait to see them in real life! The wood grain is so rich, and, of course, it is adorned with with a cut out of the most beautiful poodle we know!

Kelly said...

they look great, so glad they could customize something for u.
Those are some yummy sock yarns too!!

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

What a fun gift to yourself! I have never thought about sock blockers ~ but can see that they are a nice accessory to have :)

I generally don't buy gifts for myself as Mr Puffy is a notorious spoiler around birthday and holidays hee hee

PS Just got my Martina McBride CD in the mail :)

raining sheep said...

Hi Renee, thank you for leaving such a nice note on my blog. I love the sock blockers (Your poodle blockers are especially cute and special!). I love knitting socks and this is one present I just might buy myself :)

Philigry said...

oh, how nice! i have not purchased anything for my self...yet!

t does wool said...

such a wonderful gift to self...I am a firm believer...you always get what you want!!!

pedalpower said...

Oh, I love these so much, and I definitely will be getting a pair....if I had mine custom cut, I'd want mine in more of a pet clip. That's how we keep Hawkeye trimmed.

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