1/2 full

Thank you everyone for the kind words and support. They are very appreciated and you are wonderful people. There's no sign of the truck or tools. I'm feeling like the glass is half full, so I'm mostly out of my funk ~ thanks goodness.

I've been knitting when I can and it's definitely been zen for me, helping me relax after the events of last week. This is the progress so far. I plan to knit all evening and hopefully finish it tonight, block it and have it ready to gift.

I'm headed out of town tomorrow to visit dear friends and enjoy a day at a big dog show as a spectator. In particular I'm going to see the Poodles! That will definitely put a smile on my face. Have a wonderful weekend everyone.


Some days

Some days are not as good as others. Today was such a day, one I could have done without. Valentine's here in our house was shocking and depressing. Anyone who has even had anything taken or stolen from them will understand.

It's been a difficult past few years and truly it takes an awful lot to fill my plate to the point where I become angry or upset. I'm a "the glass is half full" sort of person and an eternal optimist. Well, today I would like to take said glass and smack someone up side the head with it ~ except I don't know who.

Some time between midnight last night and this morning my husband's truck, tools and equipment were stolen from our driveway. First comes surprise, then shock and by tonight the enraged and angered feelings of invasion and lack of security and safety. Don's truck is a big diesel workhorse. Had it been started in our driveway we would have heard it as it wakes us all up when Don leaves early. We have 3 big dogs loose in the house that would have barked had the truck ignition been turned over. Police believe it was likely pushed out of the driveway and taken away on a trailer. That makes this a calculated theft and not a random act. More then the vehicle, Don's tools and possession that were locked in the truck are a major blow for us.

Some days I wish were different. Sorry for venting.


Calorie-free Chocolate gift for a friend

Yarn from a Ravelry destash.
Crest of the Wave Scarf.
The Plucky Knitter ~ The Stables colourway.
400 yards Merino Seacell fingering in delicious browns.
This is one of those knits that will bloom after blocking.

I'm off to my favourite quilt and yarn shops tomorrow with Dawn. We'll try to not do too much damage but lace blocking wires are at the top of my list. And perhaps a few fat quarters for Nicole's new quilt...

Wishing you all a sweet and wonderful Valentine's ~ although I don't believe you should tell those you love that you love them only on a dictated day ~ tell them every day!!


FO Not Noro Striped Scarf

Pattern: Noro Striped Scarf by Jared Flood
Yarn: Rowan Tapestry, 2 balls each of colours SH 170 and SH 172
Size: 5" x 88"

I wasn't certain I'd like the stripes. Turns out I love the stripes! The colour is richer and prettier then I was able to photograph it in the bright sun today. I'm really pleased with the Tapestry.

The first stitch of each row is slipped purl wise with the yarn held in back. It made for a nice edge and incorporated the change of yarn every 2 rows beautifully.

The interest factor from each new colour combination makes this a fun and easy knit.

It's nice and long. I purchased 3 of each colourway so there will probably be a co-ordinating hat or wrist warmers since after 4 total the scarf measures 88". The extra balls would be perfect for Toast from Leslie ~ I'll make them with the dark browns and berry coloured ball to co-ordinate, not striped with both.

The yarn is soft, warm and has a beautiful halo, perfect for cold February outings. I wouldn't change anything if I knit this again. Actually, I definitely will knit this again using the Rowan Tapestry and try 2 new colourways. Love how this scarf turned out, it'll see a lot of wear.


Let it flow

Flow Yoga, also called vinyasa yoga. I'm one of those people that needs to stretch or else I seize up. It feels darned good to be loose and centred, energized and relaxed. My search for a yoga studio has not gone well. Instead the kids are enrolling in a new Martial arts club that just opened in our area. Both kids were on a hiatus and then their previous club folded after their Master passed away. Now with doctor's approval they're ready to return to kicking some butt while staying fit. They were up to their blue belts in Kung Fu and both intend to complete their training to Black Belt as well as progress into other martial art forms.

On the yoga front option #2 was DVDs. After asking a few friends, surfing online and high praise from the Namaste Knitters at Ravelry I went with Shiva Rea's DVDs. I would have preferred to get back into yoga with a trained coach to watch our form, but this is a great second option.

We started with Flow Yoga for Beginners. On the back jacket of the DVD it states: "She begins with seated meditations that teaches you how to link breath with movement. Three more segments introduce her flowing approach to classic poses. Transitions from pose to pose are graceful and easy. You may not have Shiva's flexibility (yet), but you can follow her lead in ways that work for you. Feel yourself becoming stronger and more supple. Sense your new energy and find the fluidity that has always been yours."

We liked Shiva so much that we have now added Creative Core Abs, Core + Lower Body and Core + Upper Body to my little yoga library. They're very good, reasonably priced and in this winter weather it's nice to stay home and benefit from Shiva's great teachings.

If you're at all interested in starting yoga, this is a great way to give it a try. Namaste.

On the weather front the groundhog saw his shadow so looks like another 6 weeks of winter. We expect 6 weeks or more of winter around here whether he sees his shadow or not anyway. lol Be well everyone!

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