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I am grateful for all I have.  Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend.  Renee


Poodles in Snow Suits in a Snow Storm... yeah, that's really what this is

We have a ton more snow than in this video clip taken 3 weeks ago. This was the start of one of the snow storms.  This past Saturday evening we got 15" of snow in 2 hours.

My fav part of this video clip is at 3:21 into it. Don's had to blow the dog playing field clear with the tractor more than a few times, not to mention the 1000 foot laneway. Hope everyone who lives where it snows is managing to shovel out from under this year. We went to Home Depot on the weekend and the store front is full of bbqs, lawn furniture and ride mowers. Retailers are pretty much sold out of snow blowers and shovels.  Spring must be coming?...  I hope so.  Course, where we live we get blizzards in April and it can snow on Mother's Day.

Be well, stay warm, hug and tell those you care about you love them.


FO: knitting the blues

"Not Noro Striped Scarf" in Rowan Tapestry 
Pattern: Noro Striped Scarf by Jared Flood
Yarn: Rowan Tapestry, 2 balls each of colours SH 170 Country and SH 176 Whirlpool
Size: 5" x 88"

Knit up in Rowan Tapestry ~ "a modern blend of wool and soybean protein fiber; the yarn has a slightly felted look. It is soft and has a gentle drape. This self-striping yarn knits up into stripes that shade subtly from one to the next."  Tapestry is discontinued but still available in some yarn shops and on ebay for really reduced prices.  It's a yarn I'm sorry to see go.  If you can still find it I highly recommend it for knitting accessories.

It's been a while since I've blogged ~ but we're still here and doing fine.  Home today with the "big" blizzard which wasn't big by Canadian standards, but we did get about a foot and a half of snow that's been causing white outs and some pretty impressive snow drifts. We're inside with the woodstove on enjoying pristine winter views.
What better to keep warm while shovelling snow than a snuggly new scarf?  I finished knitting this just before Christmas, but wanted to share it on the blog.  Both Nicole and I have gotten some cozy, warm wear from this scarf.  It's the same as my other one in berry reds, knit in my favourite blues.  Knitting these striped scarves is addictive, I don't tire of the colour changes.  I like scarves very long - at 88" it can be worn in all sorts of ways.  http://ravel.me/ReneeKnitsToo/9p9af

Nina finished her show Championship in 2010 and was a delightful girl in the ring.  Now we've moved on to the fun stuff...  obedience and tracking.  She has a lot of hair and looks very grown up ~ just 9 months old in this photo.

I've been sewing, not so much time for knitting.  Very adorable baby boy quilt to share soon .

Be well, stay warm and tell those you care about you love them.

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