flowers for mom

I adore traditions.  Since becoming a mom myself there's 1 tradition I'm especially fond of.  On my birthday I give my mom flowers.  Chosing flowers for her each year is a pleasure.

This year is pure white and a hint of green flowers that are mom's favourite:  mini carnations.  She says carnations are dependable, long lasting and pretty.  Giving flowers to my mom not only tells her I love and appreciate her, but reminds me how much I love being a mother myself.

For the first time I also bought some for myself.  Buying myself flowers that I won't plant was such a hoot and novelty for me.  An indulgence I think I'll add to the annual tradition of getting flowers for mom.   Usually cut flowers are only enjoyed when they're seasonal to cut from our garden.  On a dreary, wet and raining day like today daisies are a really nice pick-me-up.

Do you have any non-typical traditionals you enjoy?  I'd love to hear what they are and maybe I can incorporate some new ones for myself.  Be happy, be well, stay dry!  Renee


where she gets back into the groove

I want a restart and I've decided it starts today.  I'm going to restart 2010.  Things have improved and I'm especially happy to report that dad is home and recovering well.  Thank you everyone for the continued support, kind words and keeping us in your thoughts and prayers.

What do you think of the new blog look?  Truth  be told, I forgot to save my template to the hard drive before I started playing with Bloggers great new template options so it'd take a bit (lot) to revert to the old format.  My last save is on a fried lap top that I can't get to any time soon.  I'm going to go with the change for now and see how it does or doesn't agree with everyone, or myself.  Let me know if you like it or not, and 'bear' with me while it gets some tweaking as I have a few minutes here and there.

Kids are busy with school, we're finally busy at work.  Dogs are always busy and the horses have spring fever.  While it's still doing a lot of that cold, dreary, snowy stuff around here the daffodils have broken ground in the front garden and are just peaking out.  I saw my first Robin today so spring is surely on it's way here.

There's been no knitting yet in 2010.  I mistook myself for Wonder Woman...  Linda Carter I definitely am not.  I accidentally (I'm the first to admit I'm not always the most co-ordinated diva and over estimate my physical prowess far too often...) tipped a heavy load on the wheel barrow hauling grain bags -- and in that instant where before you realize it's a really bad idea -- I tried to catch the side of the steel wheel barrow and found my hand between it and a steel gate.  It's doing and looking a whole lot better and needles should be sparking here again soon.  I did cast off a Mara Shawl pre-Christmas that I'll have to take some photos of.  I have 2 test knits that I'm terribly behind on.  Not only do I feel bad not having them done for the designers to see, but one was supposed to  be Nicole's Christmas present.  They're first on my list to complete. 

As soon as they're completed I intend to cast on Alexandria by Connie Chang Chinchino.  I have some gorgeous lavendar (it's definitely leaning more into the pink zone) Jaeger Roma that would be perfect for that.

On the tracking front, friends are preparing for tracking tests and I try to get out as often as possible to help lay tracks and enjoy tracking Chase.  Piper has started to track as well and she's really enjoying herself.  She's also had the light go on for her scent work in obedience so that's been a lot of fun for us too. 

I had a few people email to ask if we ever got our new standard poodle puppy?  "Nina" will be arriving here in May.  I'll be sure to post plenty of sweet puppy posts come summer. 

Hope everyone has been well and spring is being kind to you all.  I plan to have a great day 'cause it's my B-day!

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