I was hacked

My apologies to anyone who received unusual emails from me today with the subject lines of 'hi' or anything to do with vacations or electronics. My hotmail email address was hacked. It's frozen for the next 24 hours. I am receiving emails into the inbox that I can read - but can't respond since the bl**ping spammers used it instantly to send out mass mailings and exceeded my send limit. Thanks everyone for the heads up, I've gotten a lot of emails from you all realizing that the spam wasn't from me but that my email was compromised. Don't people have anything better to do then hack emails?! Frustrating.

I'm hoping by the weekend to have a bit of time to blog again and catch everyone up on the adventures here. Some good, some bad, some grand!

Sorry again for the spam. Situation has been rectified -- if not quickly.

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