Test, test - 1, 2

I've been meaning to blog most every day for the last 2 weeks.  How it got to be the last weekend of November I have no idea?  To say we've been busy here would be a huge understatement.  Kids, dogs, horses and work have taken up most of my time ~ the rest has been devoted to knitting.  Test knitting.  Oh my, but I do love test knitting.  One project is a coat for Nicole called Adeline from Lucy Sweetland.  The yarn is a sturdy gray/brown wool.  One skein was lighter than the rest, even though they're the same dye lot.  I opted to make it a stripe in the stocking stitch around the bottom of the coat.  If we don't love it at the end of the knitting we'll dye it all darker when it's blocked.  I want one for myself so I've pretty much resigned myself that when I'm done knitting it ~ I'll only be 1/2 way done.  Nicole can hardly wait to wear it.  It's her Christmas knit this year, but in no way a surprise.  She loved the pattern as much as I did and chose the yarn from stash. 

I apologize for the way behind in blogging and photos, I took these quite a while ago and need to take newer photos of the test knits.  Soon, I hope.  I'm further along on both knits, but behind on taking pictures.

The second test knit is so pretty!  It's White Russian from Thea Colman.  I'm knitting it in one of my all time favourite yarns:  Jaeger Roma.  The turtle neck is standing up beautifully (my favourite type of collar).  I could cry about this yarn being discontinued.  Jaeger closing is a shame.  I have a bunch of Roma in stash and am practically hoarding this yarn.  This knit is for me, so far.  The simple lace pattern is going to really be gorgeous after blocking.

Lots going on this weekend so I'm not sure how much knitting time I'll have, but if I'm holding still, it's these 2 projects that I'll be working on and a little Christmas decorating.  Hope all my American friends had a lovely Thanksgiving.  Have a great rest of weekend everyone!   Best, Renee


FO: Caera Cowl by Lucy Sweetland

This pattern was a pleasure to knit from start to finish. The cables are lovely and the pattern easy to follow. This is a gift knit, I like it so much I'll knit one for myself. I still need to block this cowl, then it's off in the mail.

Pattern: Caera Cowl by Lucy Sweetland, Published in A Black Pepper, free
Yarn: Naturally Hand Knit "Sensation", Shade 301 ~ about 1-1/2 skeins

I highly recommend a visit to Lucy's blog, it's wonderful and so inspiring. Beautifully photographed and one of my favourite places to visit. Thank you for the pattern, Lucy!

I've been knitting like crazy here: working on Christmas knits, finishing some WIPs and stitching away at test knitting. In the midst of all of that I finally got my new glasses. It's huge adjustment for me since there was a radical shift in my prescription which is rarely stable. They're my first pair of Progressives. That's been odd for me to adjust to. While my doctor said most people don't need bifocals at my age there was no other option. I picked them up 2 days ago and really am getting the hang of them. They've made knitting and pattern reading a lot easier. Everything is so much clearer that I'm sort of wondering how I was functioning in a blur...

I'll post more to the blog again soon, lots going on and super busy. Have a great weekend everyone!

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