FO Crest of the Wave Scarf

This was a fun scarf to knit with a 12 row repeat. The lace pattern is in the first 8 rows and rows 9 - 12 are garter stitch.

My friend loved it. I'm so pleased she did!

Pattern: Crest of the Wave Scarf
Yarn: MCN Fingering from The Plucky Knitter/400 yards
Colourway: The Stables
Size: 8" x 60" after blocking/30 pattern repeats

This yarn bled heavily when I blocked it, but I like the variations in the hues more after it had a good bath. It has hints of olive, plum and golden tones dispersed throughout the browns. I bought beads for the fringe and played around with those for a good while but wasn't pleased with any of it ~ the yarn and pattern were nicer without them.

Blocking using dental floss wasn't much different then just using pins. I don't think it turned out any differently then had I blocked using pins alone.

It drapes beautifully and the yarn is soft and pleasing. I used all but a few yards of the 400 yard skein.

At 8" wide it could be worn as a wrap. I'll knit it again for myself making it wider to wear as a rectangular shawl to cover my shoulders when I wear my sun dress. The pattern is free and easy to follow. I highly recommend this knit!


I'm still here

Just been really busy. Driving. Everyone. Everywhere. It's amazing the difference in our schedules and how we've tried to adjust to being a one-vehicle family over the past 3 weeks. It's sort of insanity, actually. No sign of the stolen truck or contents. The insurance has said they'd wait 3 weeks to see if it turned up so next week we only just start the claim for loss.

On the knitting front the chocolate scarf was set aside as were all of my other crafting projects. I have enough yarn left to complete one more 12-row repeat before I cast off the Crest of the Wave scarf. I played around a lot with fringe, tassels, beads... and have decided I like it best without any adornments. I'm hoping to finally get it done this evening and blocking will happen in the next day or 2. I never did get to my LYS to pick up blocking wires so I'm going to try to block this scarf using dental floss instead of the wires, plus pins. Has anyone done this or have any suggestions for me? I won't post FO photos for bit though because I want to gift it first as a surprise and will only be seeing the recipient the weekend after this coming one.

The clocks change this weekend. I'm very pleased about that. Much earlier then in years past. Hopefully spring comes earlier too?? I can only hope. It will be wonderful to have an extra hour of daylight after work to be outside and get things done. This weekend I'm going to be gone at a rally obedience trial with my 2 black standard poodles. It's be nice to get back into the competitive groove again.

I had a wonderful time watching poodles in the show ring when I went to watch with a friend. We were hit by a nasty snow storm so I ended up stranded away from home and stayed at my friends place. She was a gracious hostess and we had a marvelous time. It was an entire unexpected weekend away from home. I should know better then to travel hours away from home in Ontario in February without an overnight bag just in case.... oh well. It made it more adventurous. Everyone was warm, safe and sound so it was fine.

Hope everyone is keeping well and enjoying the start of March!

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