Shetland Lace Triangle Shawl

If you're looking for something wonderful, delicate, yet comforting then look at Evelyn A. Clark's Shetland Lace Triangle Shawl.  A traditional Shetland Island 'Fir Cone' lace pattern that's easy to memorize and produces a swirling motif.  Top down in construction the pattern is written for yarn weights from lace through to DK, creating a beautiful and very wearable piece. 

Knit in Rowan Rowanspun 4Ply, a fingering weight 100% wool that has a plied, tweedy texture.  This yarn has been discontinued by Rowan but is easy to find in Ravelry destashes, some yarn stores still have stock and also on ebay.    

I loved this shawl.  Until I gave it away I wore it a lot.  Yeah, I gave it away.  To a dear friend who admired it and tried it on to find it dressed up  her tweed suit p e r f e c t l y, it was the perfect accessory she could not have found for that outfit and her colouring.  Us knitters, we do love to share when we know the knit will be loved and appreciated.  

I'll definitely knit another to replace for myself when I pick up more Rowanspun 4ply.  This yarn has body that holds being block well while staying soft and comfortable.  I often chose patterns based on being free or in a pretty book to purchase for my library shelf, I don't for a second regret buying it on Raverly and enjoying both the process of knitting it and the product.  Knit exactly as written, for a change I made no mods.

Shetland Lace Triangle Shawl, you'll be glad you knit it.
Live, love and laugh much.  Find joy in your day and tell those you care about you love them.  Renee 


Andi said...

I say that you can't go wrong with any of Evelyn's patterns. They are not only a pleasure to knit but simplistic.
Your lovely pink shawl is no doubt being loved by your dear friend.
Such a beautiful knit!

Unknown said...

Hi Just surfing around Ravelry and found you in Grey forum. I love the grey shawl on your header. I was looking around to see if I could find your pattern for it, checking your latest entry I found this lovely pink shawl. It is so beautiful and in my other favorite color, pink. I would love to knit it but as an in experience knitter, I am hesitant to take on written patterns. I did use one that had a video accompanying it for a pair of socks and did ok. I know, TMI, I guess where I am going with this is, Is this pattern terrible intricate?

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