Hello Again and a Knit

It's been so long, very long, since I've blogged.  Since New Years Day 2012 actually when I planned to take a blogging break.  At the time I had no intention of it being away for more than one season.   The past couple years have been filled with ups and downs. happy and sad, growing and changing.  And now it's seeing the return for my urge to blog.  Hello, again.  I wonder if there may be someone that visits, I'd appreciate a comment to let me know if you've enjoyed (or not) what I'm sharing again?

The social network of Knit Bloggers has taken a dramatic drop in popularity, yet there's a giant increase in fiber facsination.  Summarized beautifully by Sarah Swett, Fiber Artist, "Make stuff.  Stay home.  Draw. Dress locally.  Hand wash. Learn to darn."  For me, taking yarn and needles and creating something useful, beautiful, artistic and functional is greatly satisfying.  Sustainable living, growing food, cooking and eating well at home, reducing our carbon footprint are all embraced by knitters and crafters with natural fibers.  In this high tech world, the creative arts are gaining in appreciation and participation.

A quick update of the past few years here at Casa del Koch:  Don and I are now married 26 years and our kids are adults, Ryan now 23 and Nicole 20.  We still have our Standard Poodles and but I'm sad to say we had to sell our horses January 2014.  My mom passed away last January and with that grief I lost the desire to knit, quilt, spin or create.  Things I've done for most of my life.  An outing to The Knitters Fair in September brought it back.  My mojo.  The need and want to play with sticks and string, to indulge in all things wool and fiber.  I plan to share my knitting, a bit of whatever I'm crafting, photographing and some recipes along with events and adventures that inspire me here again on my blog.  A place to also journal the following of my dreams.  Welcome, if you're reading this.

And the knit?  MIRA:  a simple project in lucious yarn.  2 skeins of Classic Elite "Vail" in soft gray from their Mountain Top Collection.  It's a light fingering weight yarn, 70% alpaca for softness giving it a slight halo, 30% bamboo viscose gives it a beautiful luster and drape.  The yarn looks like it might be splitty, but it wasn't and behaved beautifully round knit on 5.5mm 24" Addi Turbos.  This cowl pattern available free on Ravelry.  I tweaked it a tiny bit by adding a small picot on the cast off edge with clear 6mm beads.

It can be worn wrapped around your neck twice or draped like a shawl.  Images in this post show the cowl before blocking.  With the season now into autumn, my most favourite, this knit will see a lot of wear.  It would make a wonderful Christmas gift.   A helpful video tutorial on the cast off picot edge is available here by Wendy McDonnell aka Yarn Fairy.

I love the look of layering knits over knits.  The cardi is from Mark's Work Wearhouse, picked up during my months of non-knitting.  

Thank you for visiting.  Be well, tell those you love that you love them and have a great day.  Renee


Claudia Bugh said...

It's wonderful to see you back Renee!!! I love the cowl (classic elite yarn is one of my favorites) and your added touch of a picot edge with beads is a perfect touch. In my experience there are still blog readers but many fewer will leave comments even if they have come and enjoyed the post. I hope you will find your return to blogging to be rewarding and enjoyable!

Angie said...

I'm delighted that you are 'back'---and I'm even more delighted that I found your blog through another knitter/quilter blog. :) Warmest of hugs on your losses---your Mom will never be very far from you...

Celestial said...

I've been thinking about you quite a bit lately. What wonderful timing with your blog post. Hard to believe the kids are that old already. Sorry to hear about the horses, and even more sorry to hear about your mother.

Excited to see more of what you've been up to lately. I need to clear off some dust from my blog too.

The Knitting Instinct said...

Hello, I found your blog by following a link of a photo of your Mara shawl on Tumblr. Just wanted to say Hi since it looks like we share a lot of the same interests. I too had a blog - knitting, cooking, gardens, etc, but I don't bother with it anymore since I think the only person who read it was my sister. Your knitting looks great! Hope you have many happy knitting moments and if you are on Ravelry, you can find me "michelledonald"

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