Still kicking around here

It's been too long since I had time to blog. I'm still kicking around here, albeit always in a rush. We're still a one vehicle owning family and the past month has been hectic.

Kids are busy and so are we. Haven't lost my knitting mojo, just haven't had time to sit down and knit. The gardens will awaken soon and need cleaning out so that will be up next.

I've been busy with the dogs too. Chase earned 2 new performance titles and is in a tracking test on May 8th, so the blog will be quiet for sure until after that weekend.

Ryan won first place in the Regionals for Technical CAD in Skills Canada and will be progressing to the Provincials for the beginning of May. We're very proud of him!

Hoping everyone is having a lovely spring and all are well.

Make sure to stop by Philigry as Katie is having a wonderful giveaway you won't want to miss!!!
Hugs to you all, Renee

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