I always have multiple projects on the go. I admire the dedication of other people who start one project and see it to fruition without even a thought of what they'll do next. I don't understand it -- I'm not capable of applying myself like that -- but I can see the value of getting one project done. I usually plan a 1/2 dozen to a dozen projects ahead. Well, honestly more. I've stashed up mounds of project's worth of yarn. I love the anticipation of starting something new.
My queue list on Ravelry is growing faster then I can knit. When my favourite bloggers post new FO's I have serious cases of, "Oh, that's so beautiful - I gotta make that!!" I've re purposed yarn that was planned for different project at the drop of a hat because I saw something that speaks to me. I've also shoved a project that's been lingering in queue to the top of the list because someone else has done a stunning project. For me that's part of the fun and I enjoy the anticipation of new projects.
I love Jessica's Old Penny Cardigan. Dawn gave me a copy of Vogue Fall 2008 so I have the pattern to make this cardigan. When I saw Jessica's version right after I bought my new green bag that cinched it -- Must Make! And must make in the same perfect green yarn. I love everything about it. And as I justified to Dawn: I already have the bag and own that stick broach from Perl Grey. Was meant to be. The green colour of the bag and yarn aren't near as dark as they look in these pictures. Jessica inspires me all the time and thanks to her beautiful new home and colour sense my daughter is going to get a beautiful blue bedroom.

My other Must Make is the Drop Collar Cabled Jacket from the new Debbie Bliss magazine. I bought gray wool at the Knitters Fair at a thieves price of $3 a skein. I knew it'd make a great cardigan or swing coat. I just couldn't walk away from $3 wool.

I'd been going over a lot of patterns to use with that $3 wool but the ones I liked I was short on yardage. Then on a visit to Philigry I saw it. The perfect pattern. Exactly what I had pictured. It looks smashing on Katie.

The blue and taupe wool in my bag? Canadian Collection from Camilla Valley Farms. Right now it's looking like it'll be Cassidy for the blue and Basic Chic Hoodie for the taupe, both patterns are from Chic Knits. I'm always cold and like to dress in layers so cardis are what I need in my closet the most.
My dilemma?? Which to make first? Knowing me they're will be more then one on the go at the same time. How do people stay loyal to only one project at a time? I'll never be a monogamous knitter. Right now I'm going to enjoy the anticipation of these new projects while I try to get my Urban Sweater done before Chase's test. Oh yeah -- and work on the sock I have in progress, more neck warmers and I've had Rowan Cocoon to make Kim Hargreaves Haven since her book Heartfelt came out.
I'm hesitant to actually account for all my stash because I know it'll mean a serious yarn diet until I get to stash busting. Right now I'm just thankful I have stash. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving everyone!


Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

I'm laughing with you - I also have multiple projects going and lots of projects lined up ready to go!

I love the colors you use in your knits :)

Anonymous said...

I'm totally getting this. I am sucked in time and again by 'friend activity'. Just can't help myself. Those are fab projects you've got lined up there though. Hurry up and cast on for them all!

Philigry said...

yes, I do the same thing! my mind works so fast, my favorites change all the time! it is almost too much inspiration, between all the blogs and raverly! Picking out the yarn and the patterns are so much fun! I can't wait to see all your treats!

Anonymous said...

I am glad to know I'm not alone! The pictures are as nice as the blog and that's one snazzie green bag...somehow I knew it would find it's way onto your blog!

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