I'm a Blogger?!

Me?! A blogger?! Nah, I'm an avid blog reader, but it appears I'm finally a blogger now too. It's a concept that I've tossed around for over a year. I consider this my online scrap book.
This past July I had the most wonderful, relaxing and inspiring Women's Weekend in Northern Ontario at a cottage with dear friends and some of our dogs. It was with 3 amazing and talented women friends, 6 poodles and a sweet mini schnauzer. My friend Dawn and I were chatting about web sites and blogs and how it'd be fun to start one for ourselves. Dawn had the gumption to get a lovely and fun blog started for her Wooly Wumpus and has been super about encouraging me to do the same. So?! I've gotten off the pot, so to speak. And in fact, with 2 blogs at once. One I've started to promote my standard poodle stud dog Chase. He's a handsome and talented guy. Show Champion, Tracking Champion, training, testing and trialing in multi venues -- he's got a busy social calendar. His blog will have our dog related adventures, health clearances, pedigree, new titles and such. But that's just a part of my busy life. A big part of my life, but my life is coloured with more crayons than just dogs.
I'm blessed with a darling husband, 2 incredible teenagers, have the best friends, 3 standard poodles, 2 horses, and a whack of fibre related hobbies. A day rarely goes by where I don't knit, sew or craft something. I also love to cook, bake, train dogs, garden and work on home renos and decorate. This blog will be a whole lot of the 'everything' that goes on in my life.
Welcome, I'm so glad you stopped in to visit!

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