Life is about learning

Seeing my family happy is my richest reward. 10 years ago my brother married the wrong person. He did very little smiling after that day. That's Nicole he's holding up, she was the cutest flower girl ever and Ryan was a very dapper ring bearer. I'm the blonde bridesmaid(matron?).

His divorce was official this past Friday. He smiles again. Life is about living, learning and having the strength to make changes when things aren't right. It's about maturity and aquiring wisdom. I am proud of my brother.

To give you an idea example of the type of humour he's exhibiting... he's been singing the song, "Ding Dong! The Witch is Gone." Maybe sometimes you don't just have to grow up, but regain some of the immaturity of being a kid to lighten the load and celebrate being happy again. Welcome back, Rick!


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful show of support for your brother and his difficult decision. BTW, Nicole IS the cutest flowergirl ever. And at least his betrothed picked beautiful bridesmaid's dresses...!

The Thinking Post said...

Absolutely! I'm glad you have your brother back :)

BTW, good looking family!

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