The Men in My Life

My husband is wonderful. He's supportive, loving, talented and a hard worker. He's been in my life longer than not. Many years of dating and 20 years of marriage he is my heart and soul. Handsome too! I'll post a picture of Don in future posts.

My son Ryan is 17. He's finishing his last year of high school and is an athletic guy with a brilliant mind. His hobbies are running cross country and triathlons, power fit, martial arts, gaming and he is a history buff and avid reader. He's a huge help around the house and farm, be it mowing acres of grass, helping with the horses, haying, roofing, you name it -- he willingly pitches in. He makes us proud and has a super sense of humour.

The four legged boys are both standard poodles. Chase is a 3 year old show Champion with several performance titles and is training for many more. He's my constant companion, coming to the office with me and is one of those very precious once-in-a-lifetime dogs. He even has his own blog. You can find his Chasing Hearts link on the side bar.

Lastly there's Hunter. Apricot standard poodle, house mascot and general entertainment committee. This dog has more personality than any one creature needs!

So that's the whole family. You'll have an idea whom I'm rambling on about now that you've met them. Be well!

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