Vibrant Reds for Autumn

My favourite colour is green. Most of my projects are green, blue, brown or neutrals but when autumn arrives I feel the need to use vibrant reds. Knitting with dark red Tahki Donegal Tweed this time of year just feels right. This sweater and the throw-sized quilt are satisfying works in progress.

My Scottish Isles pullover has a front, back and a started first sleeve. I still need to blind stitch the binding on the back of the Bear Paws quilt. I'm going to use it as a dog crate cover. When I have a crate set up in the house or at a show I like to drape something nice to look at over it while it offers my dog privacy.
Most of my sewing is intended for gifts, but this autumn red quilt is a keeper.
I'd like to say a sincere Thank You to the people who have left such wonderful comments on this new blog. It's a thrill for me to realize that maybe I won't be the only person who ever reads it!
I can't wait to finish my sweater and quilt binding so I can post Finished Object pictures...

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